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#mycyclingweekend: Full Kit W*****s

How rude! If you're like us though and ride in full coordinated kit, time to show it off! Share & win full Specialized kit!...

While there'll be plenty of cyclists berating you for coordinating your kit, you'll find none of them here at You won't find any at Cycle Surgery either, they are powering this #mycyclingweekend and offering a full Specialized kit as a prize, after all.

To get your hands on the prize, which we should specify are Specialized SL Pro bib shorts and jersey, you'll have to show us your full kit in all it's monochromatic glory!

Remember though, when you're sharing those stunning photos with us, be sure to include BOTH the #mycyclingweekend hashtag AND the #cyclesurgery hashtag. Otherwise we can't award you the prize.

Before we get on to all of the cracking inspiration shots we've got in store for you, here's a sneak peak at what you could win:



This week's #mycyclingweekend giveaway!

A photo posted by Cycle Surgery (@cyclesurgery) on


Now, we've mentioned already that we're no strangers to the full kit look. Our official kit - which you can buy here - is, after all, a fantastically fashionable full kit.

Don't believe me? Check out our head honcho Tony Farrelly modeling the argyle style jersey half way up an Alp.



#mycyclingweekend the alps baby on new Cannondale Superior Evo

A photo posted by ( on


You guys like your full kit too. We know that already.

Plenty of you are members of cycling teams, and religiously climb into those matching lycra tops and bottoms for the Sunday morning club run.

Here are a couple of culprits from Ramsey Cycling Club in Cambridgeshire:



Instagram user v4honda caught a couple of full kit enthusiasts out riding last weekend too:



Some of you even commit when you're riding in virtual environments. Yeah, we're looking at you roleurcoaster.



While we're on your Instagram feed, roleurcoaster, we ought to address the other example of full kit exposure - the wet suit.

Have you been spending too long indoors riding in virtual environments to stand up to a bit of rain in lycra, or are you really going wild swimming?



Of course, you don't have to take part in this #mycyclingweekend's competition. You could just send us some beautiful photography.

Just like twitter user @biddon_le did last weekend.

What a shot.



Remember, all you've got to do to win this week's prize is upload a photo to Instagram or Twitter with the #mycyclingweekend hashtag AND the #cyclesurgery hashtag in the caption.

The winner will be picked on Monday, but in the meantime, happy cycling!

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