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team club ride - Royal Leamington Spa

team club member Pete wants to take you for a ride

Over in the Member's Section we've got a competition running to see who can organise the best team club ride for fellow members and local riders. We're offering the winners and runner uppers plenty of kit for their efforts so we're expecting some impressive results. 

First up is Pete Davies (peted76) and he has obviously got his eye on the prize. He's already got a route planned, roped in the help of his local club and booked a gazebo.

Read on to find out what he's got planned.


Revolve24 race report - the start.jpg

Pete (that's him leading out revolve24 above) has devised a route which leaves Leamington Spa and heads for the 'Wilds of South Warickshire' - his words!

The 54 mile route is described as lumpy but without any huge climbs plus if the weather is good you should be treated to some rather stunning scenery.

He's put his delegating cap on and roped in some of his local club members from the Royal Leamington Spa Cycling Club who are going to help out providing ride leaders for the varying group levels - Pete is obviously expecting some big numbers!

Pete says the club's philosophy is, "come one, come all, with the aim of welcoming riders of all abilities and putting people in touch with other like-minded people. So whether you are a nervous newcomer, a banzai baggy-shorter or a racing roadie, you're welcome!"

Just like team then so you'll be very well looked after regardless of your ability.

Mid-ride you'll find a cafe stop plus the kettle will be on overtime when you get back to the shop to finish. There is even a mention of some biscuits too.

Let's get behind Pete and make his ride a success by registering here.

Ride Details:

The start and finish is here -

Giant Leamington Spa
75 Clarendon Street
Royal Leamington Spa 
CV32 4PW

Meet at 8:45am for a 9:00am roll out.

Saturday April 2nd



Fancy joining team Take a look here for all of the benefits on offer.

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