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Marginal Gains - we need your questions

Want to get quicker on your bike? We'll be answering your questions. But we need your questions first!...

Everyone wants to go faster. Whether that's to stand on the Tour de France podium or just beat your best mate to the top of your local hill, or get to and from work quicker, there's something about slinging a leg over a bike that brings out the competitive streak in most of us.

But how do you actually get faster? Well, the best way - as Team Sky will tell you - is to aggregate as many marginal gains as you can in to one big 'go-faster' gain.

We're going to be working with industry tech guru, Andy, head mechanic at Cycle Surgery, to answer your queries on how to tweak your bike to get the most effective gains in performance without adding a hidden engine. So if you're looking at how to finally steal back that segment, knock a few minutes off your commute or just get an edge over your mates, now's your chance to ask for the know-how.

Whether it's bike fit, weight, gearing, componentry – even if it's just how hard you should be pumping up your tyres – send us your question, and you can get as geeky as you like – using the form at the bottom of the page and we'll do our best to answer them over the coming months.

Win stuff just for asking!

To ask a question, just fill out the form below. We'll pick one winner and they'll receive a Stay Awesome tee and sticker pack worth £24.99. So get your thinking hat on: what is it you want to know about getting quicker? Ask away! 

Stopwatch image © William Warby

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