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Night of No Gears

Fixedcore is the new skatecore was the old hardcore…

At a bit of a loose end tonight? In the Bristol area? Fancy doing something bike-related, but without any gears?

Then a Night of No Gears might be just what you're after. It's an evening “of film, art, and music dedicated to singlespeed and fixed gear bikes presented by some chaps called Denim and 45rpm.

Not only is there footage of some of some of the best riders from New York and San Francisco, “as they battle traffic, show
off their skills, explore urban environments and injure themselves” (they're certainly selling it to me - ed) although no mention of fixed and singlespeed footage from London or Bristol itself.

It all sounds pretty good, here's what the rest of the blurb has to say:

the incredible stories of amazing riders and modelled on the style of skate and
surf videos, these films bring out the style and beauty of fixed gear riders,
and are landmarks in the emerging subculture of urban riding.

The venue will be taken over by Street artist 45rpm who alongside friends will
be providing work associated with the single speed/fixed gear bike culture. 
Artists so far confirmed include Sums, Black Cloud, and 45rpm himself.

 Music in the bar from Nadoone (Illegal Seagull/Splashback) playing hardcore,
skatecore & fixedcore!!

It's all happening at the Cube Cinema in Bristol, start time is 7.30 and it costs £4 to get in.

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