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Cycling deals on a 9/10 Merlin road bike + protein & bibs

The Merlin Performance PR7 tops the DealCatcher today, followed by SiS protein & BTwin bib tights

Here on the DealCatcher we're not only trying to send the biggest savings in the cycling world your way, we're trying to find the best products too.

We think we've done that today, as we start proceedings with 2016's iteration of a bike we gave a 9/10 when we reviewed it.

That bike is Merlin Cycles' excellent Merlin Performance PR7 which is currently sitting pretty under a 22% discount.

The DealCatcher then moves towards the nutrition nerds over at Science in Sport for the last two days of their protein sale, and finishes off with a pair of bib tights from BTwin over at Decathlon.

Happy shopping.


Merlin Cycles

22% off Merlin Performance PR7 2016 Road Bike
WAS £450.00 | NOW £349.99

Merlin Performance PR7.jpg

A 9/10 is nothing to scoff at, especially when it comes hot off the fingertips of our esteemed tech editor David Arthur.

The words 'perfect', 'outstanding', and 'superb' aren't thrown around all that often in the office, but those words all feature quite heavily in the Dave's review of the 2015 model - which you can read below.

It's had a looks upgrade on last year's model, and a slight price hike, but the Shimano Claris-running, Mavic CXP-22 wheel-toting entry level road bike is unbelievable value for money, and as Dave says, it's the "perfect first bike."

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Science in Sport

BOGOF on 500g REGO protein tubs with code '2X500TUB'
50% off Protein with code 'BUILD50'

SIS REGO Rapid Recovery.png

You've got until midnight on Friday to take advantage of Science in Sport's fantastic protein deal.

The code BUILD50 will get you 50% off of SiS's range of Whey Protein products, while the 2X500TUB code will allow you to grab two tubs of SiS's REGO recovery protein for the price of one.

Our man Caven O'Hara reviewed SiS's Whey Protein last year. He wrote about fantastic taste, and effective results, but hesitated on the price. Fortunately, at half price, that's less of an issue.

- Read more:'s review of Science in Sport's Whey Protein





35% off BTwin 500 Warm Cycling Bib Tights
WAS £39.99 | NOW £25.99

BTwin 500 warm bib tights.jpg

It finally feels like winter's kicking in, eh? Maybe it's time to finally let go of those bib shorts that have served you well since summer, and discard those knee warmers to the draw for spring to kick in.

It's bib tight season now, but how long will it last?

There's a reasonable chance that this cold snap is just that; a snap. It could be over before we know it.

So, rather than investing heavily in a pair of bib tights, why not settle for a reasonably priced pair that you can trust will work?

That's where we come in. This pair from BTwin are fantastic value at £26, and as far as the 500 range of bibs go in terms of performance, we can vouch for them having given the 500 shorts an excellent 8/10.

- Read more:'s BTwin Bib Shorts 500 review


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robertoegg | 8 years ago

Did we all see Trust Me I'm a Doctor about supplements?



jasecd replied to robertoegg | 8 years ago

robertoegg wrote:

Did we all see Trust Me I'm a Doctor about supplements?





PonteD replied to robertoegg | 8 years ago

robertoegg wrote:

Did we all see Trust Me I'm a Doctor about supplements?

halfway through watching it on iPlayer, but not surprised to find they don't build muscle (that's what the exercise is for isn't it?). I was led to believe that supplements help in speeding up your recovery rather than turning me into a "BEEFCAAAAAKE!!!"

They also covered sports drinks, FWIW I prefer to take ribena instead of energy drinks on long rides (most petrol stations sell it so it's easy to come by, all I need to carry is some cash in case I need a refill, so my pockets aren't full of sachets of powder that are usually still there at the end of a ride) and I just drink a regular chocolate milkshake after exercising if I need a recovery drink.

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