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Great cycling deals on protein, bike wash & Fulcrum wheels

The DealCatcher's found some exclusive deals on SiS protein, some Fulcrum wheels & PURE bike wash...

Whether you're looking to recover rapidly, build muscle, or improve your Strava sector times, a high protein diet can help - according to science and Team Sky.

Science in Sport open today's DealCatcher with a exclusive offering of protein tubs. With the codes you can find below you'll be able to get 50% off your SiS Whey Protein orders, and buy-one-get-one-free on SiS's range of 500g REGO recovery protein tubs.

After that the DealCatcher's found a fantastic deal on Fulcrum's Quattro racing carbon clincher wheels over at ProBikeKit, as well as some environmentally friendly cleaning fluid from PURE and Vanilla Bikes.

Happy shopping.


Science in Sport

50% off Protein with code 'BUILD50'
BOGOF on 500g REGO protein tubs with code '2X500TUB'

SIS REGO Rapid Recovery.png

Up until midnight on January 15, you've got the chance - via a exclusive deal - to grab some Whey Protein, and REGO Rapid Recovery Protein from Science in Sport on the cheap.

All you need to access these deals are the codes listed above.

The code BUILD50 will get you 50% off of SiS's range of Whey Protein products. We reviewed these in August last year, and our man Caven O'Hara says he saw the benefits.

His review, which you can read below, told of fantastic taste, and effective results. His only hesitation was the cost. Fortunately, at half price, that's less of an issue.

- Read more:'s review of Science in Sport's Whey Protein

The REGO range is aimed more at post-ride recovery than building muscle and improving performance.

The code for this one is 2X500TUB, and the powder comes in an eclectic variety of flavours, so you won't be left wanting.




32% off Fulcrum Racing Quattro Carbon Clincher Wheelset - 2016
WAS £1199.00 | NOW £819.99

Fulcrum Racing Quattro Carbon 40mm Clincher Wheelset 2016.jpg

We have very recently reviewed Fulcrum's Quattro Carbon Clinchers for those of you who have adopted disc brakes.

This pair is for the disc brake-less amongst us.

Our man Justin Loretz reviewed the disc brake ready pair this week, and loved them - giving the hoops a fantastic 9/10.

His full review is below and it should give you some idea what these brand new 2016 rims could offer you. At 32% off for a brand new set of wheels, you can't really go wrong.

- Read more:'s Fulcrum Racing Quattro Carbon DB wheels



Vanilla Bikes

44% off Pure Bike Wash - environmentally friendly cleaning
WAS £14.28 | NOW £7.99

Pure Bike Wash.PNG

Plenty of us here at are acutely aware of the state of the environment, our place in it, and the effect the things we do have on our immediate and wider surroundings.

Hell, one or two of us wear our reduced carbon footprint on our sleeves; a badge of honour in the face of a growing climate crisis.

While we're sure most of you aren't quite as flamboyant in your climate concern, the idea that you're already helping in a small way by using your bike as your primary mode of transport could make you want to continue those good habits into other aspects of your life.

While not contributing to carbon emissions and the planet's rising temperatures, dodgy cleaning chemicals aren't usually the best thing to be soaking your plants, back gardens, and local wildlife in.

PURE cleaning fluids are 100% acid free, while retaining the same cleaning power, and comes with a bottle of concentrate to lower the costs of packaging.

At 44% off, why not save the critters in your back garden the trouble of ingesting acids every time you clean your bike?




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BikeBud | 8 years ago

Good luck getting those wheels from PBK.  2 of my 3 orders from PBK resulted in disappointment.  

They charged my card on some wheels without having them in stock, nor any idea of when they'd be able to get any.  

No stock of a sale jersey (or no "sale" stock, but miraculously there was availability of the exact same item in "non-sale" stock).  Then they sent an email asking how I was enjoying it, with links to other jersey offers that they didn't have on their website.  


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