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London cabbie "was using car as weapon" against cyclist

Incident sparked by driver pulling out into cycle lane

A London black cab driver has been accused of using his car as a weapon during a road rage attack on Lower Thames Street on January 9 last year. Daniel Wentworth is said to have rammed James Williams with his car after the cyclist made a hand gesture at him.

The Metro reports that Wentworth has denied dangerous driving and assault occasioning actual bodily harm in an ongoing trial at The Old Bailey.

£148m announced for London boroughs to improve road safety

CCTV shows Wentworth pulling out suddenly, blocking the bike lane and forcing Williams to swerve as he rode towards Southwark Bridge. The cyclist can be seen making a hand gesture and Wentworth is accused of driving after him and ramming into the back of him.

The cyclist was left with severe bruising and tissue damage to his ankle.

Prosecutor William Gatward said: “He said there was a cyclist abusing him, cursing him, and threatening him. He said he tried to follow him and tried to get him to stop. He also says Mr Williams broke his side mirror.”

Wentworth subsequently handed himself into police, admitting a confrontation with a cyclist.

“The question is did Mr Wentworth deliberately run the other man down?” said Gatward. “If it’s deliberate, it’s not just dangerous driving but it’s assault because he’s using his car as a weapon, trying to frighten and injure Mr Williams.”

The trial continues.

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