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Team Rideout Report - 'Turkey Burner'

Team went for a Christmas ride.

We had a break from the wet weather over Christmas down here in the south-west and thankfully that single dry day happened to coincide with the Turkey Burner rideout.

There were two routes on offer, a 60km taking in plenty of local hills and a slightly easier 42km with both heading out of Bath and into the lanes of Wiltshire before returning to the city. Turkey Burner 11.jpg

After some pre-ride coffee, cake and obligatory photos at the office it was time for everyone to decide how their legs were feeling. With a pretty even split between the two groups we were off and running, well cycling.

If you're familiar with Bath you know full well if you want to leave you've got to climb to escape and that's exactly what we did, the longer group taking on Bannerdown and the shorter taking Bathford hill. 

With legs and lungs suitably warmed we started the loop around the Bradford on Avon area where the two groups were due to meet up for a mid-ride cafe stop.

The sun may have been out but the previous days of heavy rain meant the majority of the roads were more like farm tracks but it certainly didn't dampen the spirits of either of the club runs. A mix of climbs, descents, B-roads and country lanes meant every body soon found a comfortable spot in the group with the kilometers passing by pretty quickly.

Thankfully it was warm enough to sit outside once we all arrived at the cafe, it was already busy even before the best part of thirty cyclists turned up for a well earned cuppa.

Once refuelled we hit the lanes again with those 'cafe legs' soon becoming noticeable as soon as the first climb came into view. After those first few lumps though it was pretty much downhill all the way back to Bath finishing off with a ride through the Two Tunnels on the Sustrans bike path.

So, that was it, job done. We arrived back at HQ in the afternoon to more coffee and nibbles with everyone joining in with some post ride banter. Turkey Burner 8.jpg

The team certainly enjoyed the day out and we hope you did too, it's always nice to meet our readers face to face. Turkey Burner 7.jpg

If you couldn't make this one but fancy coming out for a ride with Team then we've got a couple of rideouts coming up at the Hargroves Cycles stores in Swindon (24th Jan) and Chichester (21st Feb).

Follow these links to enter Swindon or Chichester

These are just a couple of the events we’re planning for team members, so if you fancy joining the club – it’s £14.95 a year, for which you’ll receive socks and stickers worth £10.99, £20 off a classic argyle jersey and 10% off everything in the shop, plus you'll get a membership card entitling you to discounts at various cafes and shops throughout the country – have a look here.


As part of the tech team here at F-At Digital, senior product reviewer Stu spends the majority of his time writing in-depth reviews for, and ebiketips using the knowledge gained from testing over 1,500 pieces of kit (plus 100's of bikes) since starting out as a freelancer back in 2009. After first throwing his leg over a race bike back in 2000, Stu's ridden more than 170,000 miles on road, time-trial, track, and gravel bikes, and while he's put his racing days behind him, he still likes to smash the pedals rather than take things easy. With a background in design and engineering, he has an obsession with how things are developed and manufactured, has a borderline fetish for handbuilt metal frames and finds a rim braked road bike very aesthetically pleasing!

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peted76 | 8 years ago
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Dave's game face verses iUpham's game face - brilliant, best photo evar!

iUpham | 8 years ago
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That last photo.... 

Cheers for a good day

dave atkinson | 8 years ago

I certainly look happy to see Ian there  3

J90 replied to dave atkinson | 8 years ago

Dave Atkinson wrote:

I certainly look happy to see Ian there  3


Nice Jacko impression too.

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