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Post-Christmas appeal from Bradford bike recycling organisation

Cycle-Re-Cycle sold so many bikes in the run up to Christmas that it now needs to replenish its stocks

A not-for-profit bike recycling organisation in Bradford is appealing for people to donate unwanted bikes. Cycle-Re-Cycle sold so many bikes in the run up to Christmas that it is currently running low on stock.

Last year the organisation recycled around a thousand bikes, but Cycle-Re-Cycle development officer Chris Evans told The Telegraph and Argus that it was currently encouraging people to donate unwanted bikes.

"As is always the need just after Christmas our stock will be low due to Christmas sales. Cycle-Re-Cycle had many people take advantage of their low price recycled bicycles in the lead up to Christmas, with many children now having a bicycle or getting one that is the right size for them – and due to the low prices of the recycled bicycles, parents have saved money whilst giving their child a bicycle.”

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Evans pointed out that many people put old bikes in the garage and then forget about them having received new ones for Christmas. Months or years later, when they have flat tyres and have gone rusty, these bikes are often taken to the tip. "By donating them to Cycle -Re-Cycle they can be recycled and given a new life, and it allows someone to enjoy the many health, environmental and social benefits associated with cycling."

Donated bikes are assessed and either broken down for parts or recycled. Unusable components are put into the organisation’s ‘piggy bank’ – a storage container full of scrap metal which is sold when emergency funding is needed.

Recycled bikes undergo a 22-point check to ensure they meet CTC standards with new parts sometimes required, depending on what is in stock from broken-down bikes. They are then sold at low prices.

If you have a bike to donate, Cycle-Re-Cycle will be open from January 2. Opening hours are 12.30pm to 5.30pm. The shop is on Westholme Street, off Thornton Road.

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