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Come Join us for a Post Christmas Rideout - 29th Dec

Ride with - 29th Dec.

Everyone loves a little Christmas break right? For one thing it gives you time to ride your bike during the week so why not come on a little jolly with and burn off the festive fuzziness.

We're planning a 'Turkey Burner' ride on Tuesday 29th December, 11am from the HQ in Bath and would love it if you could join us for a little social bimble around the local lanes. We're not sure of the exact route yet but the Mendips have been mentioned and we'll even chuck in a coffee stop.

If you fancy it stick your name down here.

Don't forget we've also got our rideouts planned from the Hargroves Cycles stores in the new year so make sure you get the dates down in those 2016 diaries.

Team Winchester ride out - start your engines please.jpg

We're in Swindon on the 24th January and Chichester on February 21st.

Register here for Swindon and here for Chichester.


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