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Great cycling deals on stocking fillers under £10

The DealCatcher takes us on a tour of the nation's best retailers for last-minute stocking filler solutions...

Are you short a secret Santa gift? Is your significant other's stocking looking particularly saggy? Need something to spice-up a slightly bigger, more elaborate present?

Fear not, the DealCatcher is here with a humongous range of cycling themed presents for under £10.

Take your pick from the list below and ensure that no-one goes without a little bit of cycling fun this Christmas.



57% off Knog Gekko LED Front Light
WAS £20.99 | NOW £8.99

Knog Gekko.jpg

See-me front lights are generally quite reasonably priced, effective ones that are also particularly good looking often stretch that, though.

Pricing was one of our major question marks over the Knog Gekko when we reviewed it, but at under £9, those fears are long gone.

Read the review if you need any more persuading that a Gekko is a wise investment, and a fun gift for any cyclist.

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Chain Reaction Cycles

50% off Abus U-Grip 560 Cable Lock
WAS £19.99 | NOW £9.99

Abus U-lock.png

Now, a bike lock may not sound like a 'fun' Christmas present, but this Abus U-Grip 590 is about as good looking as bike locks get.

The lock's soft elastomer synthetic coating will prevent any unwanted scratches to your bikes paint job.

It aslo feels fantastic in your hands.


Cycle Surgery

50% off Vavert Bugle Hooter
WAS £11.99 | NOW £5.99

Vavert Bugle Horn.jpg

This is a bit of fun.

If you haven't spotted, we're climbing aboard the bell bandwagon here at with our Cyclists Stay Awesome Bell. 

This horn takes letting cyclists and pedestrians know that you're around to new, comical levels.

- Read more: Get your hands on a Cyclists Stay Awesome Bell



50% off BTwin 700 Winter Cycling Gloves
WAS £11.99 | NOW £5.99

Btwin 700 Winter Cycling Gloves.jpg

Cold hands, they're a pretty miserable thing to be suffering from - especially because it's a problem that is totally avoidable.

Do you know someone with notoriously cold hands, or perhaps someone who's desperately under prepared. Give them a hand, a warm hand, this Christmas.


Vanilla Bikes

38% off Deda Ribbon Handlebar Tape
WAS £7.99 | NOW £4.99

Deda bar ribbon.jpg

You're not the only thing that'll benefit from a bit of wrapping this Christmas.

If it's not you, or your presents, perhaps it's your handlebars that need it.

At under £5, you'll be lucky to find a cheaper way of making your bike look its best.



38% off Lezyne - KTV Drive Front
WAS £15.99 | NOW £9.99


We love these.

The Lezyne KTV Drive Front light sits pretty on with a fantastic score of 9/10.

Read the review below if you need any more convincing that this would be £10 well spent.

- Read more:'s Lezyne KTV Drive review


Hargroves Cycles

33% off Park Tools Essential Tool Kit
WAS £14.99 | NOW £9.99


Don't let any cyclist you know get caught short this Christmas.

This pack of tools has almost everything anyone who's caught out in the wilderness with a flat tyre or a dodgy seatpost could potentially need to get home or to safety.

Plus it'll fit cosily in a saddle bag.



30% off SealSkinz Thermal Liner Socks
WAS £10.00 | NOW £7.00

SealSkinz Thermal Socks.jpg

We mentioned earlier that cold hands are a pretty miserable thing to be suffering from at this time of year.

Cold feet aren't much better, trust us.

While these SealSkinz aren't actually made out of seal skin, they will do a half decent job at keeping your toes toasty.

They provide excellent warmth on their own, or under another pair of socks. 


Evans Cycles

20% off Ginger and French Bicycle Mug
WAS £9.99 | NOW £7.99


Finally, if the cyclist in your life is totally stocked-up on bike kit, or you don't feel like you're in a position to complete their ensemble, why not grab something bike related and pretty.

Like this Ginger and French mug.




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urbane | 94 posts | 7 years ago

Any retro rubber air bulb horn, especially that Vavert Bugle Hooter, will be stupidly bulky and one of the hardest to quickly use bicycle horns, so a farcical safety device.

Cycling is my main form of transport, but this awesome meme is flat tyred...

A much better but still affordable air horn is the Aluminium air can version of the Air Zound, the "Delta AirZound Rechargeable Bicycle Horn" at

I've seen electrical horns too, but they either sound stupidly like alarms, are not water proof or are so bulky that they have to be mounted on the front fork tube area of the frame.

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