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Videos: Insane 9-year old BMXer + best bike storage solution

9-year old Japanese kid lands an unbelievable trick, ceiling bike storage how-to + CX in the 80s

Cycling videos come in all shapes and sizes, so here on the cycling video round-up we try not to discriminate.

Sure, we're primarily a road cycling website, but when a 9-year old kid lands a trick like the one you're about to watch, you bet we'll sit up and pay attention.

We love anything pedal powered here at, which should explain our love of Cyclocross, BMX, and even a bit of mountain bike action when it comes to videos.

So, without further ado, here's our indiscriminate cycling video round-up featuring BMXers, cylcocross riders, and a couple of ingenious and unlucky road cyclists!


9-year old kid lands incredible BMX trick

Now, we're sure there's a few of you out there who started your cycling lives on a BMX.

Did you ever manage anything like this? Let alone before your 10th birthday?


BMXers around New York - nuisances? 

More BMX action here.

There's something strangely soothing about watching this fella gliding around the most famous city in the world. Despite his on-road antics, we were never really concerned for his safety.

What do you think? Is this kind of riding a nuisance? Is he a danger to himself? How about a danger to others?


Cyclist crashes into an invisible dog lead

Back to the UK now, and this little incident took place in Liverpool.

Dogs on cycle paths are a nightmare for us cyclists. Usually though, as long as the owners are relatively responsible, we get a little bit of warning of a nearby dog because they're kept on leashes.

This dog was, but you wouldn't know it.

Have you ever had an incident like this?


The best bike storage solution ever?

This is one of the most ingenious solutions to in-house bike storage that we've seen.

Not sure how this would go down in the winter when our bikes are a little dirty though...


SingleSpeed Cyclocross World Championships

Talking about mud, here's the video from this month's SingleSpeed Cyclocross World Championships.

A lot of fun and games here, costumes galore, and a bit of competition. Not bad for a mid-November weekend, eh?


Cyclocross in the 80s

And a blast from the past now.

We're sure a few of you will remember this stuff. A few of you probably have bits of kit that look just like this knocking around in your sheds.

Reckon they deserve a second chance? Go on, get your fluorescent bib shorts out!


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Chez_worldwide | 8 years ago

Whilst an 'invisible' dog lead may seem cretinous, it would never be as cretinous as someone riding a bike at 20 mph anywhere near a dog (or pedestrian), on any sort of path, shared or otherwise. Thankfully this chap wasn't and damage to dog or human was avoided. 



StraelGuy | 8 years ago
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That 'invisible' dog lead is cretinous. If a cyclist had flown past at 20mph and ridden into the lead, that poor dog could have head it's head pulled off no!

HarryTrauts replied to StraelGuy | 8 years ago
guyrwood wrote:

That 'invisible' dog lead is cretinous. If a cyclist had flown past at 20mph and ridden into the lead, that poor dog could have head it's head pulled off no!


I know we're supposed to be pro all things cycling and anyone human powering wheeled transport can do no wrong, but...surely they shouldn't have been cycling on the footpath?  I'll sit back and wait to be corrected.

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