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Police appeal to find cyclist who helped them out of a jam

Northamptonshire Police have appealed for the cyclist who gave them her hi-vis jacket during a traffic collision, to come forward so they can thank her


Northamptonshire Police have issued an appeal for a kind cyclist whom they want to thank for lending them her hi-vis jacket so they could direct traffic after a collision.

Officers were returning from a training course, and out of uniform, when they stopped to deal with a collision in Red House Road, Northampton, on Friday.

On the Northamptonshire Police Facebook page it says: “No-one was hurt in the collision, which happened about 5.50pm, but there was a lot of traffic building up in the area. The loan of the cyclist’s hi-viz jacket meant the officers could direct traffic safely and help keep it moving during the busy rush hour.

“The officers want to thank the cyclist for her kind gesture and would also like to return her jacket – please share and help us find her.”

They have asked the cyclist to give them a call on 101, ext 346041.

As an aside, Northamptonshire Police are also promoting an upcoming sale of recycled bikes on 4 December, which have been rescued from police yards and repaired by young offenders as part of the force’s Cycl-opps project.


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