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Muxu clothing from Barcelona here this month

Muxu 'designed for every ride from a light commute to 100km messenger days.'

New brand Muxu - pronounce it 'moo shoe' - is from Barcelona where, if you saw our recent story about bike polo and the video from the Catalan capital, you will know there is a vibrant urban cycling scene with its own distinct flavour. We never met anyone who went to Barcelona and didn't come back raving about some aspect or other - where do you start? - but the bike culture is something else, not least because there is a massive messenger population.

Muxu's first clothing collection focuses on city cycling and is called the 'Ride Series'. The idea is to commute in style and look just as good off the bike. It's a summer thing for us, obviously, but we don't mind living like we're from Barcelona for a few months, do we?

Muxu means 'kiss' in the Basque language. All the garments are made in Portugal from natural fabrics and cut to be comfortable on and off the bike. The range will be available from the good people at Always Riding later in the month.
Muxu are also on Facebook

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