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Huge Black Friday cycling deals from Chain Reaction Cycles

Here are our top 10 CRC Black Friday deals including a CX bike, a GoPro, a Vision wheelset, bibs, and computers

It’s that time of year again, well almost. The real Black Friday, if you can call it ‘real’, falls on November 27, but our friends over at Chain Reaction Cycles are taking it upon themselves to bring the joy and festivities of this holiday to the rest of November.

The elves over at CRC will be updating their Black Friday deals on every Thursday in November, which means you’ve got four weeks of incredible cycling deals to look forward to.

Of course, as soon as word got out, the DealCatcher’s ears pricked up and he was straight over to the Chain Reaction treasure trove to scope out the best deals for you.

So, without further ado, here are ten incredible cycling deals - from cyclocross bikes to action cameras - that we've picked out for you.

If you don't trust our judgment, or you want to check out the huge range for yourself, click here to see the Chain Reaction Cycles Black Friday deal list.


46% off Raleigh RX Race Cyclo X Bike 2015
WAS £1849.99 | NOW £999.99

Raleigh RX Race Cyclocross Bike.png

If you've waited this long to get your, now presumably muddy, mitts on a cyclocross bike, here's your perfect opportunity.

We reviewed the RX Race's older brother back in 2013 which we gave an impressive 8/10. You can read our review by clicking the link below if you want to know more about these do-it-all/mud-loving race machines.

- Read more:'s review of the Raleigh RX Comp

The RX Race will see you through the harsh weather to come both on the race track, and on the tarmac to and from work every day.

30% off Vison Team 25 Road Wheelset 2015
WAS £199.99 | NOW £139.99

Vision Team 25 Road Wheelset.png

If you're after a new set of wheels to see you through the winter, or you're planning on replacing them come the spring, take a look here.

Thes Team 25 Wheelset are Vision's most affordable road wheelset. They come clincher-ready, semi-aero with their 25mm deep aluminium rims, and alloy hubs.

The whole set up's been CNC machined, so you won't have to worry about uneaven braking surfaces.

- Read more: Buyer's guide to road bike wheels


20% off GoPro Hero+ LCD Camera
WAS £249.99 | NOW £199.99

GoPro Hero+ LCD Camera.png

You don't take out your action camera, you take out your GoPro. Even if it's not a GoPro.

Like Google and searching the internet, the GoPro has become synonymous with the action camera, regardless of the branding on the side of the device.

And for good reason. GoPros have topped the pile for some time, and when you can get your hands on one for less than RRP, you better pay attention.

We covered the Hero+ when it launched, investingating the pros and cons. Click the link below if you want a little more info before investing.

- Read more: GoPro launch Hero+


56% off Elite SuperCrono Mag Force (Volare) Bundle
WAS £224.99 | NOW £99.99

Elite Super Chrono MagForce Bundle.png

The weather's about to turn. You can feel it too right? So, if you're after an alternative to slogging it out through wind, rain, and snow rather than not cycling, here it is.

This Elite SuperCrono Mag Force Bundle has everything you need to get into the world of turbo training.

If you want to know a little more about turbo trainers before taking advantage of this frankly ridiculous discount, read our buyer's guide on the topic by clicking the link below.

- Read more: Buyer's guide to turbo trainers

55% off KASK Infinity Road Helmet
WAS £219.99 | NOW £99.99

Kask Infinity Road Helmet.png

We had a massive saving on a cycling helmet in yesterday's DealCatcher, but we've got an even bigger one today.

This KASK Infinity Helmet grants you the incredible ability to switch between a conventional vented road cyclng helmet and a super fasts aero helmet on while you're on the move.

The Infinity features a sliding vent which KASK call an 'Aerator'. When the Aerator is open air is given access to the helmet and is allowed to flow over your head, cooling your noggin.

When the Aerator is shut, however, air flies over the top of the helmet, giving you much improved aerodynamic properties, and subsiquently allowing you to cut through the air much more efficiently.

This is a high tech piece of headwear, especially for this price.


42% off Castelli Elemento 7x Air Jacket
WAS £275.00 | NOW £159.99

Castelli Elemento 7x Air Jacket wide.png

Castelli's Elemento 7x Air Jacket isn't going to keep you very dry if the rain catches you out, it will however do an unmatched job in keeping you both warm and fresh on those dry winter rides.

The Elemento's 7x(AIR) fabric construction is designed to keep you warm, but also allow plenty of ventilation through the garment so that you don't get stuffy and sweaty while you're throwing down the hammer on a frozen ascent half way through January.

The fleece lining and wrist zips which close easily around gloves, will keep you warm during your winter training rides.


35% off Funkier Active Winter Thermal Bib Tights AW15
WAS £59.99 | NOW £38.99

Funkier Active Winter Thermal Bibtights wide.png

Talking about cold January rides it's worth remember that they're not far away. Are those trusty bibshorts that have seen you through the spring, summer, and autumn going to be enough when the snow comes?

No, we didn't think so. If you want to carry on riding, you might want to think seriously about something to cover your knees, and we couldn't recommend bib tights any more strongly.

We reviewed a pair of Funkier bib tights earlier in the year. That review should give you some idea of what these bib tights can do.

- Read more: review on Funkier S-976W Active Winter Thermal Microfleece Bib Tights


50% off Alpinestars Nemesis Bib Shorts
WAS £79.99 | NOW £39.99

Alpinestars Nemesis Bibshorts wide.png

While bib tights will certainly be the way forward when the weather really goes off the edge, until then you'll need to be wearing shorts if you don't want to overheat.

These Alpinestars bibs feature superb moisture-wicking performance so sweat and chaffing shouldn't be much of a problem - even if you're wearing extra layers to stay warm.

Their body-mapped, multi-panel race fit make the Nemesis Bib Short comfortable for all-day sessions in the saddle, bot indoors on the turbo, or out among the hills. 


35% off Garmin Edge Touring GPS
WAS £199.99 | NOW £129.99

Garmin Edge.png

You might not be planning an cross-country touring over the next couple of months, but it's always good to be prepared, right?

And, when the price is right, the price is right. This Garmin Edge Touring GPS is as close to an in-car GPS system as you're likely to find for your handlebars.

Not only will it take you where you want to go, you'll even be able to put in a distance, and it'll sort a route out for you.

Plus, if you want, you can share rides you've enjoyed, and enjoy rides others have shared, via the Garmin Connect and Garmin Adventures services.

54% off Bryton Rider 21E GPS Cycle Computer
WAS £130.00 | NOW £59.99

Bryton Rider 21E.png

Finally, we've got the Bryton Ride 21E GPS Cycle Computer.

We took a look at the Rider 20E back in 2012 which was heralded as the smallest cycle computer Bryton had to offer.

Our very own Dave Atkinson took a look at it, and said that it promised a lot but under delivered on usability and its web services.

Three year's later, and Bryton have streamlined the installation process, and the data usability. We can't report on the devices hands-on usability or its associated web services, but the extra £30 and three years of development must have gone somewhere, right?

- Read more: Bryton Rider 20E GPS Cycle Computer review

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Digy46 | 18 posts | 7 years ago
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How much did CRC ( annual revenue in excess of £150 million ) pay you to run this Item? Is this what we now laughingly call " native advertising" . At least in my day it was called advertorial and everybody knew where they stood. Doesn't help the IBD much either. I know you have to fund your business model with advertising but really  CRC is big enough and ugly enough to look after itself without this kind of fraudulent editorial . Bit disappointed , the deals aren't even that good as 10 mins on eBay or Amazon might tell you

davenportmb | 76 posts | 7 years ago

So Black Friday lasts an entire bloody month now?

IanW1968 | 367 posts | 7 years ago

Whats black about it?

Elliot Johnston | 19 posts | 7 years ago

Cheers @dafyddp, that should work now.

dafyddp | 470 posts | 7 years ago
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PeterDarch | 1 post | 7 years ago
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Or £170 at Ellis Brigham!

MrWigster | 8 posts | 7 years ago

The Go Pro is cheaper on Amazon by the way at £188.

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