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Hit and run driver checks cyclist isn't dead before fleeing scene

South Wales Police appeal for witnesses after hit and run collision leaves man with fractured elbow

A cyclist has been left with a fractured elbow following a collision with a driver, who stopped to check he wasn't dead before fleeing the scene.

The 37-year-old suffered a broken elbow in the crash in Sketty, near Swansea, at 1.30pm on Monday.

The South Wales Evening Post reports the driver initially stopped to check on the man, but he and the passenger left before police arrived.

The victim's wife said: "He is still in shock over what happened.

"He was badly cut and bruised, and was really shaken by the incident.

"The car that struck him contained two men, and they stopped and got out of the car to check my husband hadn't been fatally injured, but once they had done that, they left.

"They said they would park the car a short way up the road, but instead drove off".

"It was such a cowardly thing to do to leave the scene." 

She said the man is unable to pick up his children as his arm is in a sling.

The vehicle is believed to be a Ford Fiesta, and any witnesses are urged to come forward.

A spokesman for South Wales Police said: "We are appealing for witnesses to the incident, or anyone who knows the identities of the driver or his passenger to contact us by calling 101."

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Geekonabike | 8 years ago

I still find it astounding that people find it acceptable to use a mobile phone whilst driving (and crossing the road!). I remember reading somewhre that we make 100's of decisions every second whilst driving, and there is so much going on on the roads, we don't need and further distractions.

Use a hands free kit, keep conversations short, and stop somewhere safe to reply to texts. Simples!

For the record, I was nearl killed on the M4 when a following driver on a mobile phone (British Airways cabin crew, as I remember, calling in to Heathrow to say he was late) shunted me into the crash barrier with such force that my car spun 180 degress, ripping two tyres off the wheels!

To summarize, use a hands-free kit, or SWITCH IT OFF! 

forcrz6 | 8 years ago

Yet according to drivers everywhere it is cyclists who hit cars all the time and then "Peddle off" because we do not have "mandatory insuurance". 

danthomascyclist | 8 years ago

The cynic in me thinks they were only checking for Go Pros

brooksby | 8 years ago

I suppose at least they checked whether or not they had killed him, so that's something...

hampstead_bandit | 8 years ago

Nothing surprises me any more.

This morning a cell phone distracted driver started drifting into our group as he tried to overtake, missing one rider by inches, when our group loudly remonstrated with him as we came up to traffic lights he jumped the red lights to get away, nearly hitting another motorist!

don simon fbpe | 8 years ago


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