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8 reasons to keep cycling this autumn - #mycyclingweekend

Here's why you'll keep coming back to your bikes every #mycyclingweekend, despite the bad weather...

You all seemed to enjoy the weather this weekend. Sure it was autumnal, but it wasn't too wet and it wasn't too cold.

That's all you can ask for at this time of year, right?

Well, you weren't just out riding. A lot of you took our advice and had a think about what's going to keep you coming back for more over the coming months when the weather turns.

Below are eight reasons why you're going to keep riding this winter. If you can think of any more post them at the end, or send us a photo on Instagram, Twitter,  or Facebook with the #mycyclingweekend hashtag nice and clear in the caption.


Reason 1: rideout: Nice socks! #mycyclingweekend

A photo posted by ( on


There are two things you can be certain of over the next few months: the weather is going to be terrible - at times - and will be here every day to give you opportunities to ride, to make you feel better, to give you even more motivation to get riding.

If we’re not publishing fantastic articles like this one to get you up and riding, we’ll be putting on ride outs for you to come and enjoy a day’s cycling with us and other fantastic readers. Just like we did this weekend.


Reason 2: Because it’s so much fun





Jez Ash hits the nail on the head here. No matter where you live, no matter how urbanised or bleak, you are definitely within cycling distance of some great sights and some really fun rides.

For those of you in central London, that might mean a short jaunt in Hyde Park, or a quick trip out to Box Hill. For others who are blessed with countryside on their doorstep, you could well be surrounded by wonders - go and explore!


Reason 3: For the hills



And explore you must. Athletes and enthusiasts of the non-cycling variety often wonder why we put ourselves through pain and suffering, especially when they see us slogging up mountains and sickeningly steep gradients.

What many of them have never experienced is the synergy of man and bicycle, the way the two come together as you pump every joule of energy you possess into each pedal stroke as you grind your way up a hill.

It’s fairly safe to assume, if they haven’t experienced any of those feelings, that they have no idea about the incredible satisfaction and euphoria you feel upon reaching that summit.

There’s nothing like it, especially if it's a famous hill - like the one Instagram user ifTINGLE summited this weekend.

We couldn’t go four months without feeling like that.


Reason 4: For the descents



Once you reach the peak that rush isn’t reserved for endorphins and pride; there’ll be a different kind of excitement coursing through your veins. Anticipation.

Attacking a descent is the closest to flying a human being can reasonably expect to get under their own power. The rush of air through your helmet and over your handlebars, and the deafening roar of wind past your ears is beyond anything runners can reasonably expect to experience.

Obviously as the winter sets in you’ll have to take corners a little easier, and be on red alert for patches of ice, but you’ll still feel free.


Reason 5: For those feelings of accomplishment



Your accomplishments this winter won’t be confined to those moments atop hills. There’ll be plenty of other chances to feel really fantastic about yourself and the feats you’ve achieved.

Take pjohno74, he’s taken part the 200km Perth Ride to Conquer Cancer, and has helped raise $4.5 million for cancer research.

If completing a 200km cycling challenge isn’t enough to leave you wanting more, then perhaps helping raise millions of dollars for charity will.

Our congratulations go out to pjohno74 and everyone else who took part this weekend.


Reason 6: For your team mates



We mentioned earlier in this piece that all of us at will be here for you through those tough winter months, but your team mates and riding buddies should be there for you too.

And if they’re not, maybe you’re going to have to be there for them. Either way, get out there with like-minded people, and the cold won’t feel quite so cold.


Reason 7: Because new kit is irresistible

Whether it’s a new jersey - like the guys from Sefton Velo above - or a new bike, not only is it almost impossible to keep yourself from splashing out every now and then on beautiful bike bits, it’s equally as impossible to not try them out once they arrive.

So, don’t spend the winter months not riding and not buying bike bits. Head over to the DealCatcher page and treat yourself.


- Click here to check out the DealCatcher

Then go and try your new kit out!


Reason 8: For the pub



There are a few of here at who not only ride because we love it, we ride because it keeps us in shape, and gives us the freedom to enjoy the finer, slightly less healthy, things in life.

Like the pub.

And cake.

With Christmas around the corner give yourself the freedom to eat and drink what you want without carrying around the extra weight of booze, food, and guilt.


If you can think of any more reasons to ride over the next few months, pop them in a comment below this piece, or fire a photo at us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook with the #mycyclingweekend hashtag attached.


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