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Video: Red light jumper abuses fellow cyclist after cutting across his path

Is it really none of your business if someone rides in front of you after jumping a light?

A video recently uploaded to YouTube – entitled ‘Angriest Cyclist Ever’ – shows the confrontation that ensued when a red light jumper in London was challenged about his behaviour by another cyclist.

Near the start of the video, we see a cyclist go through a red light on Cannon Street and – despite left turns not being permitted – he does exactly that into King William Street. At this point, he cuts across the video uploader, who is riding from another direction.

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An argument ensues of which “why don’t you mind your own business” and “if I wanted your opinion, I’d ask for it,” are among the few utterances not to feature angry swearing.

The two cyclists are separated at the next set of lights when the red light jumper lives up to that label while the uploader waits for them the change.

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