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Berkshire cyclist killed on A322 named

David Ardron was hit by a car and died at the scene

The cyclist killed following a collision with a car on the A322 in Bracknell has been named as 68-year-old David Ardron, who was from the Great Hollands area. Ardron died following an incident involving a silver Audi A3 on Wednesday August 19.

A spokeswoman for the Southern Central Ambulance Service told Bracknell News: "We were called at 10.08 to a road traffic collision involving a push bike and a car. We sent an ambulance crew, an ambulance officer, a rapid response vehicle and the air ambulance.”

Sadly, Ardron died at the scene. Get Reading reports that a 40-year-old man from Surrey was bailed until August 28 after being arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving and failing to stop.

Sergeant Justin Thomas, from Thames Valley Police, appealed for witnesses to the incident, which took place near to the Horse and Groom pub: "We are aware of at least three people who stopped at the scene and administered first aid, but they left before we arrived."

An inquest at Reading coroner's office was opened and adjourned until a later date.

The A322 was also the scene of a cycling fatality in 2010 when 79-year-old William Honour was struck by three cars. Even following an inquest, the exact circumstances of the incident remained somewhat unclear with the first driver involved saying that he had been unaware of Honour until after the collision.

After being struck by this first car, Honour remained upright, but started to fall after being hit by a second car. The driver of that vehicle said she saw him wobble and swerved, but yet still hit him.

Honour was then run over by the vehicle behind. The driver said: “Maybe if I had left more space between me and the car in front, but I thought I had left enough room. Apart from that there’s nothing I could do.”

A witness said they had seen the cyclist looking ‘very wobbly’ earlier in the day and the coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death.

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Simmo72 | 8 years ago

I go down that road most days in a car. It is not a pleasant road to cycle on but its not especially fast road because of congestion and is a 40 mph limit for those that actually pay attention. As much as I dislike Bracknell, it does have a cycle path network that is better than most towns, and there is a good path running parallel to the A322 which I have used when commuting to/from Bracknell. This doesn't defend the driver (especially as they did not stop) but I would not ride on that rode out of choice.

IMHO For some reason Bracknell appears to be a magnet for appalling and aggressive driving. It is so much worse than any other part of my commute. It is scary the amount of drive/texting you see.

Fifth Gear | 8 years ago

"A witness said they had seen the cyclist looking ‘very wobbly’ earlier in the day and the coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death."
That's all it takes, a very dubious comment from someone not even at the scene, and two drivers are exonerated. It is essential for cyclists to use cameras if any pretence at justice can prevail in the event of an accident.

Airzound | 8 years ago

Audi A3 ……. says it all. If you see one of these approaching you fast, get off the road quick as they driven by aggressive selfish morons.


danthomascyclist | 8 years ago

Another hit and run, another life wasted, another family in ruins.

I hope the defendant has plenty of time to consider his actions during his 12 month suspended sentence.

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