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Video: Ouch! If you're not Chris Froome you shouldn't be 'Frooming'

Staring at your stem for hours on end might be okay for Zen master Chris Froome, but it's not a good idea for the rest of us...

Who hasn’t at times found themselves bowling along, momentarily lost in a reverie admiring the elegant lines of their stem - 'Frooming' as it’s called? Yes, it’s never done Chris Froome any harm (apart from the odd missed attack).

But there’s a time and a place for those of us - like the poor chap in the video below - who don’t have the luxury of Richie Porte by our side shouting “brake!”, “right hander at 50m Froomey” and such like. A stretch of road somewhere in suburbia is probably not that time or place even if it's straight and it was clear when your stem contemplation began.

While SMIDSY (Sorry Mate I Didn’t See You) sadly cuts it all too often on Britain’s roads, Sorry Mate I Didn’t See You Cos I Was Admiring The Strong Sculptural Lines of My Deda Elementi… See The Play of Light and Shadow On Its 3D Forging It’s got Titanium Screws Don’t You Know (SMIDSYCIWATSSLOMDE…STPLSOI3DFIGTSKYK) is less likely to get a sympathetic hearing and it’s not going to catch on as an acronym either. 

The video was posted to Youtube by IdiotDriversUKExposed but was actually first posted to Facebook by Ed Barlow - apparently it was his first driving lesson and it appears that the incident took place in Liverpool. Luckily the cyclist appears to have suffered no more than dented pride, the back of the driving instructor’s car may not have gotten off so lightly. No word on any stem damage.

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