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Wiggins’ Hour Record attempt scheduled for June 7 at London’s Lee Valley VeloPark

Describes the Hour as ‘a holy grail for cyclists’ but hopes he can inspire the public to cycle too

Sir Bradley Wiggins will make his attempt on the Hour Record at the Lee Valley VeloPark on Sunday June 7, reports Sky Sports. The record is currently held by Australian Rohan Dennis who rode 52.491 kilometres at the Velodrome Suisse in Grenchen in February.

Tickets will go on sale on Friday and Wiggins hopes his effort will encourage members of the public to take part in their own one hour cycle ride.

“The hour record is a holy grail for cyclists. It’s been fought over tooth and nail by the greatest names in our sport for over a hundred years and it’s time for me to have a crack at it.

“I hope this is a challenge that inspires people: Why not get your bike out of the shed and see how far you can go in an hour?”

A Rapha campaign related to Wiggins’ bid will see schools encouraged to organise their own hour record attempts. They and anyone else who fancies a go will be able to track and share their efforts in the build-up using the hashtag #MYHOUR.

Australian cyclist Jack Bobridge said that attempting the Hour was the hardest thing you can possibly do as a cyclist. In January, he fell three laps short of the record, which at the time was held by Austria’s Matthias Brandle. “I have been in agony on the track before, but the fatigue from the hour was something different,” he said of the experience.

Wiggins’ attempt has long been pencilled in for June, bridging the gap between his road race career and his efforts to win another gold medal on the track at the Rio Olympics in 2016.

Speaking shortly before he became world time trial champion in September last year, Wiggins said that he wanted to prepare for the Hour properly and that it would give him something ‘to get out of bed for in the winter’. “I'll only do it once,” he added.

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