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Video: Sarah Storey talks about her UCI Hour Record preparation

With the countdown to Saturday's women's UCI Hour Record, Storey takes time out to talk about her preparation...

Dame Sarah Storey will attempt to break the women’s UCI Hour Record in London this Saturday (28th February) as part of the Revolution series, and in this video she talks through some of the preparation involved in the attempt.

Storey says: “I’ve been training in the kit and on the bike on and off for the last three months. Track sessions aren’t a place where you can get fit, they’re just a place where you can refine what fitness you have and put together the technical aspects of the event.

“So there hasn’t been a huge amount of track time as people might expect, but there has been some key track time that has been important to get to the Hour Record in the right technical shape.”

We’ve already covered the bike and equipment that Storey will be using for her attempt in this article. She’ll be riding a Ridley Arena Carbon Track bike with a pair of carbon disc wheels and a PRO Missile handlebar, which have been specially adapted for her left hand by Rob Hayles.

The bike is fitted with a Verve Infocrank which will be recording all the important metrics like speed, cadence and power output.

Storey will dress in the same design Pearl Izumi PRO Speed Skinsuit as used by Rohan Dennis in his successful Hour Record ride a little while ago. She’ll partner that with a Lazer Wasp time trial helmet.

“It’s such a pure event, such a tough challenge, and ultimately I need to know how far I personally can go in an hour,” adds Storey.

Dame Sarah Storey’s attempt at the hour record is part of a weekend of elite racing at the Revolution Series on 27-28 February with tickets from £10 to £45 available at or (0844) 8542016.

If you can't make it, fear not, the attempt will be broadcast exclusively on the UCI YouTube channel.

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