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New 'intelligent' cyclist-only traffic lights on trial in Richmond as part of TfL innovation drive

European style traffic light will sense cyclists and give them a headstart over other traffic

An innovative new road crossing for cyclists is being considered by the council in Richmond, having received approval from Transport for London (TfL).

As part of TfL’s ‘Future Streets Incubator’, which supports innovative on-street trials that aim to encourage sustainable transport, Richmond Council is to trial a new continental-style green signal for cyclists at one local junction in East Twickenham.

The ‘simultaneous green’ crossing, which has been trialled successfully in other European cities, is able to detect the presence of cyclists, and gives them a dedicated green light in all directions so they can go in advance of other vehicles in any direction across the junction.

Over the next few months the Council will work with TfL to carry out a feasibility study, looking at traffic modelling for the junction at Richmond Road, St Margaret’s Road and Rosslyn Road.

Any proposal would still be subject to Department of Transport approval, full public consultation and funding.

Cllr Stephen Speak, Richmond Council Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, said: “I'm very pleased that TfL has chosen to work with Richmond Council on our All Green proposal for East Twickenham. We want to help cyclists navigate our busy junctions safely and efficientlyand will be monitoring the innovation closely. Assuming the trial is asuccess,TfL could roll out similar schemes across London.”

Recently we reported how a dangerous junction in a nearby part of Richmond would not be improved enough in proposed TfL works, according to campaigners and a local councillor.

In the 36 month period to October 2013 there were three pedestrian collisions at the Manor Circus roundabout, three incidents - one fatal - involving cyclists and three involving motorcycles.

In total 15 collisions occurred at or on the approach to the roundabout during this period - leading TfL to consult on plans to improve safety there.

All the road crossings at the roundabout are zebra crossings, meaning cyclists are supposed to dismount to use them.

TfL wants to replace these with toucan crossings which can be used by both cyclists and pedestrians - and some would have a wider central island.

A TfL spokesman said: "There is a growing demand to improve cycling crossing facilities across all arms of the roundabout. This can only be done through the introduction of toucan crossing facilities which link up the cycle lanes on the approaches to the roundabout.

"Our proposed changes are part of our plans to make facilities more consistent and improve continuity for cyclists along the A316.

"As part of the Mayor’s vision for cycling we want to encourage more people to cycle by making it as accessible as possible."

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LondonDynaslow | 9 years ago

"European style traffic light will sense cyclists and give them a headstart over other traffic"

Hey but don't normal traffic lights already do this...?

(c) Daily Mail


captain_slog | 9 years ago

Intelligent traffic lights on trial in Richmond

I thought you meant now. I was all ready to jump on my bike and pedal off to discuss vehicular cycling, helmet compulsion, going Dutch, the meaning of life and other important philosophical questions of our time. Is apricot the new amber, I might ask.

But it turns out this innovation is still months away. I know that junction well and can hardly wait.

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