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Gloucestershire cycle path meets local resistance – residents say there was a better and safer solution

Yate cycle lane planned to run through several estates’ green spaces

Plans for a cycle path through Yate in Gloucestershire have failed to impress many local residents with a petition against the path having gathered over 300 signatures

The Gloucestershire Gazette reports that many parents in Witcombe, Brockworth and Rodborough are concerned that children will no longer have a safe place to play.

Keely Barrett-Waines, a Witcombe resident, said:

“I live five doors down from my parents and grew up here. We always played outside when I was a kid, it is lovely round here because there are no roads to worry about and it is safe.

“I have a young baby and one day I am hoping she will be able to play outside my front door. But with this cycle path it will not be safe any more.”

John Hudd, also from Witcombe, expressed similar feelings:

“These houses were designed as rear entrance, the idea being it would keep children safe and away from traffic. Now there is going to be cycling traffic coming through and they won’t be safe.”

Residents have been particularly upset by the lack of information from the council. Only a small proportion of people received a letter notifying them about the scheme and the information did not appear on the website for the full consultation period – something the council blames on a technical error. The upshot was that the first many people knew about the plan was when white markings appeared on nearby roads.

Another Witcombe resident, Stephen Court, lives in one of the houses the seven foot wide cycle path will pass. He feels a safer solution could have been found.

“It does not need to come through a residential area. Rodford Way is plenty wide enough and although that would incur costs it would be the safest route.”

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Rod Marton | 9 years ago

As a resident of Rodborough I was initially surprised to read that we were to have a new cycle path, and that it would connect to some distant villages. However on further investigation I discover that the cycle path in question is in a housing estate in Yate, whose roads are named after Gloucestershire villages. I must admit I don't go to Yate often, but looking at the map it appears to be a route from nowhere to nowhere, the sort of cycle path that councils put in merely to demonstrate that they are making provision for cycling, and the whole thing is a storm in a teacup.

a.jumper | 9 years ago

I agree with Initialised. I bought my last two homes because they were nearer cycle routes than alternatives.

I wonder if they could take road space instead, but if not, this plan isn't awful.

Initialised | 9 years ago

Don't these NIMBYs realise a house on a cycle route gains value?

mrmo | 9 years ago

Are these Parents happy with their children using these supposedly safe roads to ride to school etc?

If not why not?

tatsky | 9 years ago

This story isn't thick on details of the cycle path, so I went and looked at the linked story which has a photo which makes the issue clear.

The area in question is similar to some of the housing estates in my area with pedestrian only front access and large green areas. I can understand the residents being concerned about lycra clad speedsters blasting through and causing injury, however I would class myself in that bracket and I wouldn't use a cycle path like this. Exactly because it's likely to be used by kids, walkers etc.

The cyclists who most likely not be an issue.

I think the residents just need some consultation, to be given the opportunity to express their concerns, and be reassured that the route isn't likely to cause the problems they think.

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