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Video: patchnride fixes punctures in 60secs

New gizmo aims to fix flats quickly and without the need to remove the wheel

No one likes getting punctures when cycling, so we’re always interested in any product that claims to avoid them, or make fixing a flat much quicker. patchnride offers the latter, and claims to be able to fix a punctured clincher or tubular tyre without even having to remove the wheel from the bike.

So how does it work then? Quite simply, the device injects a patch into the tyre via the hole caused by the offending thorn, flint or glass shard. With the patch inserted, you can inflate the tyre and the patch fixes the flat from inside the tyre. patchnride reckon you can patch any hole up to 3mm.

They claim to be able to mend a flat tyre in 60 seconds, which is certainly a bit quicker than removing the wheel and changing the inner tube. Although Greg LeMond recently gave a demonstration of how quickly he managed to change an inner tube. 

Judging by the slick video presentation, because that’s all we’ve got to go on at the moment (we’re going to try and get one in for test), the device injects an adhesive patch into a cavity between the tyre and inner tube, created by squeezing the tyre together. Inflation bonds the patch to the inner tube.

Finding a hole in a tyre can be tricky, but patchnride have thought of that. The ‘leak detector’ is a a liquid solution and a cloth that you wipe over the tyre leaving a liquid on the tyre's surface. Bubbles show the location of the puncture.

Unlike other tube prevention measures like Slime inner tubes for example, this approach adds no extra weight to your wheels and with the device weighing just 100g, it might seem a preferable alternative to carrying a couple of spare tubes. They say it works with any bike, road, mountain or cruisers, as long as they have an inner tube. That means it works with tubular tyres as well.

patchnride are currently only selling the the kit through their website, where it costs $25, but they’re currently offering 50% off on pre-orders. Availability is expected in September 2014. Find out more at

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