Christmas just came early if you're in the market for a top end time trial frameset

Christmas just came early if you are in the market for a time trial or triathlon frameset with the news that £500 is being knocked off the suggested retail price of Colnago's 2010 Flight which drops from £2499.95 to £1999.95. According to Colnago the price drop is due to increased production and wider availability with the resulting economies of scale being passed on to the consumer.

Pricing bikes in the current economic climate is a tricky task particularly given the volatility of international exchange rates and local market conditions varying so widely. Whatever the case with the change in the Flight's price it does make it look a very competitive option.

The price cut is effective immediately and for the money you get an aggressively styled carbon monocoque frame which, says Colnago, is the result of the designers and technitions in the Colnago Lab using a combination of state-of-the-art 3D modelling and over 20 years of carbon manufacturing experience. The Flight’s monocoque structure is completely seamless and is produced from a single steel mould; this is Colnago’s Beta carbon process. The Flight also features internal cable routing and reinforced rear drop outs.

Other features include:

• One-piece BB designed for ultimate rigidity and aerodynamics (CH-S)
• Highly optimised carbon lay-up adds strength precisely where needed

• Sleek, teardrop section seat tube

• Complete with 2 carbon seat posts; a 77° post for Triathlon and a 74° post for Time Trial

• Unique Flight carbon fork for improved aerodynamics
Sizes:  45, 53 and 58cm

Colours: FLRD (red, white/ carbon), FLBK (white/ carbon)

Price: £1999.95 

Availability: Now
For more information please visit www.colnago.com and www.colnagouk.com

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