Try out turbo trainers and sharpen your turbo technique

Winter is here and for many that means digging out the turbo trainer, it may be hard to love your turbo but you can at least ensure you get the most out of it – to help you do just that Condor Cycles has got together with turbo maker, Tacx to put on a turbo evening next Tuesday 24 November between 6.20 and 7.30pm.

Pop along and you will be able to test the latest models, (from Tacx naturally) from basic models right through to the computer-based variety like the range-topping Fortius which incorporates many of the elements of interactive gaming technology. You will also be able to get lots of advice on the best way to use your turbo for maximum effect. There will be energy food and drink to try and a turbo challenge to take part in with prizes up for grabs.

“Many of our customers hang up their wheels when the frosts start to appear” explained Store Manager Greg Needham, “we’ve had lots of queries about how to beat the winter blues and that has prompted us to host a turbo trainer evening. It’s a chance for riders to understand about all the uses of turbo trainers.”
If you buy a turbo you will be entitled to free delivery and everyone taking part will go home with a turbo training goodie bag, but that night isn't just about giving a turbo training taster to the turboless, as Greg told us: “it’s a chance for cyclists to get the most from their turbo, what to do and essential turbo trainer tips,” says Needham “they offer a controlled environment to test your fitness, hone your pedalling technique and are low impact if you are returning from injury.”

To find out more about Condor's Turbo Evening email events [at] condorcycles.com

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