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Davina McCall runs marathon into London to complete her seven day, 500-mile triathlon

Star has raised more than a quarter of a million pounds for Sport Relief charity - and rising

Davina McCall has wept with exhaustion for the last time in a while as her gruelling 500-mile Sport Relief triathlon came to a climactic end in London yesterday afternoon.

The 46-year-old Big Brother presenter ran a full marathon as the last leg of her Scotland to London dash over a week.

McCall told the Scottish Herald: "I can't believe it was me.

"Thank you to everybody who has donated - that is why I did it - the team that got me here, they carried me through the threshold.

"My kids and my husband were amazing. I have got to stop crying!"

The presenter has already raised more than £760,000 via her Sport Relief page, with the money going towards projects for maternal health in Kenya and charity in the UK.

"In about four or five days I think I'll wake up and realise how it has changed me - because I think it will have changed me in some way," she said.

"I'm so physically exhausted, I don't think I have ever cried this much."

Just prior to her marathon, McCall put in a 77 mile bike ride from Birmingham to Windsor, which came after a 136-mile ride on Sunday, a cycle from Keswick to Windermere followed by a 1.5 mile swim across the lake there on Monday and Tuesday, before heading on to Accrington by bike for a cycle and run to Edale on Wednesday. Edale to Birmingham was undertaken on two wheels on Thursday.

All of this activity has meant she’s needed to take on over 8,000 calories a day, particularly  given the terrible weather conditions across the UK over the last week.

Last weekend we reported how even on the first day of the challenge, McCall seems almost doomed to failure.

With only 20 miles clocked up, McCall’s team tweeted: “In temps of just three degrees with a bitter wind chill, the medics say Davina is showing early signs of hypothermia.”

Then, 60 miles in to her 500 mile, seven day trip, McCall was half-carried in to her lunch stop in Moffat, Dumfries and Galloway.

Her team tweeted: “Sixty miles in the bag. Sleet, gales, bitter cold and hypothermia. Warm clothes and a phone call home are her priorities.

“She’s made it to the lunch stop. They were the worst conditions we’ve had on any challenge we’ve ever done.”
But, ever resilient, the star went on to cycle a total of 130 miles yesterday and may still be on course to finish her effort in the set deadline.

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