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Strava launches Prove It distance challenge

New incentive scheme to rack up the miles in January

Strava has launched a new campaign called Prove It that challenges athletes to attain distance targets over the course of January

The idea is that you set yourself an ambitious goal for the month and try to stay consistent without skipping rides. It’s not too late to get started.

To help keep you motivated, Strava have set four digital milestone achievement badges that you can earn. They start at 150km (94 miles) and go all the way up to 600km (376 miles). Make it to the 600km milestone and you will unlock the ability to buy a Prove It Challenge T-shirt.

Strava are also challenging users to ride collectively more than the previous monthly record of 46,453,244km (28,864,708 miles).

Prove it from Strava on Vimeo.

Strava have sent us a bunch of statistics relating to activity over the course of 2013.

For example, 53.3 million activities were logged on Strava last year with the UK the second most active country, accounting for 28% of the activities. The US tops the list with 42%.

Almost 650,000 segments were starred as favourites with one UK cycling segment making the top three in terms of the number of stars it received. Want a guess which one?*

In total, 905,408,836 miles were logged worldwide, covering both cycling and running. That’s the equivalent of going to the sun and back nearly five times, stat fans.


For more info on the Prove It challenge go to


* It's Zig Zag Road, Box Hill, Surrey.

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