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Updated: 'Respect Ride' in memory of Gateshead cyclist killed in bus collision cancelled at family's request

David James, 35, was cycling to work at 4am when he was hit - police enquiries continue

Updated: A 'respect ride' due to have been held this Sunday in memory of a cyclist killed in a collision with a double decker bus at the end of November has been cancelled at his family's request.

We reported how David James, 35, was hit on his way to work at 4am on Saturday November 30th, on a stretch of road campaigners say is dangerous.

The ride had been due to take place on Sunday December 15 at 10.00am, starting at Newcastle Civic Centre and finishing with a minute’s silence at Cambourne Place, where the collision happened.

A neighbour told Sky Tyne and Wear David was a: "hard-working, lovely lad"

The crossing of Cambourne Place and Durham Road, where the incident happened, has a bus lane and a partial cycle lane. The road was closed until 9am yesterday.

David’s cousin wrote on Twitter: “My cousin got hit by a bus in Gateshead this morning and died. RIP David.”

Katja Leyendecker, of Newcastle Cycling Campaign, said: "It is a tragedy that a young man has been killed.

"The A167 is a really, really bad road for cyclists.

"Basically; everything is wrong with it. There are partial cycle lanes in some sections, some sections with bus lanes for cyclists to share, and on other sections there is no provision at all.

"Traffic moves quickly and some drivers can be aggressive. It does not feel safe.

"The section where he has been killed, near the five bridges roundabout, is very, very difficult for cyclists to negotiate.

"It is a place we are calling for better provision. Every road in Newcastle and Gateshead that has a speed limit of 30mph and above should have a cycle specific space on it."

Tom Dodds, for the bus company Go North East, said a full investigation would be carried out.

A Northumbria Police spokesman said: “Enquiries into the collision are ongoing and officers are appealing for anyone that may have been on the roads in the Shipcote Lane or Cambourne Place areas around 3:30am on Saturday morning and who saw anything to contact them with any information.”

The police can be contacted on 101.

Editor's note: This story was originally published on 8 December 2013 but has been updated and republished to reflect the ride being cancelled.

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Simon_MacMichael | 10 years ago

Thanks Graham - I have updated the story to reflect that.

GrahamSt | 10 years ago

*** UPDATE***:
The ride has now been cancelled on the wishes of David's family.

Stumps | 10 years ago

Virtually all the buses in the area have cctv to the front and sides so the accident has no doubt been caught on camera.

Regardless if who is at fault its still a tragedy.

spen | 10 years ago

" Motor Patrols Sgt Steve Minnikin said: "After checking CCTV footage and speaking to witnesses it appears that Mr James rode out into the main road and in front of the bus from behind a junction. A report has been prepared for the coroner into his death and I would still like to appeal for anyone who was in the area and who saw anything to contact us with any information."

Wonder if this will alter the tone of the ride

ironmancole | 10 years ago

Agree completely about such cycle lanes conflicting with good advice. Problem is the government appears content to throw X number of lives to the wind each year rather than adopting solid and consistent policies across the board.

Such lanes are so obviously a tip of the hat towards cycling in a lame and utterly half arsed attempt to prove society is making an effort.

Personally I'd prefer it if government was honest about not actually being bothered about implementing a radical and ground breaking program and just euthanise me in my sleep instead of patronising my memory and those left behind by describing another needless death as a tragic accident.

TheOldCog | 10 years ago

That picture says it all - look where the cycle lane is - immediately adjacent to the give way lines - bonkers! 70% of cycle/motorised vehicle accidents (and other very unfortunate and devastating incidents) occur at junctions. Every Cycle Training organisation in the UK teach 'don't cycle adjacent to the give way lines', every local authority road safety department teach cyclists 'don't cycle near the give way lines'- Bikeability, National Standards, BCF, CTC, RoSPA, BRAKE, AA, IAM,etc all support the notion at cyclists should move out when passing a junction - despite all this, council highway departments still insist in painting cycle lanes adjacent to the give-way lines: thus placing the 'novice' cyclist in exactly the worts possible place - someone really should bring legal action to stop this ridiculous situation! A cycle lane should be there to direct and protect a cyclist, not place them in more danger.

GrahamSt replied to TheOldCog | 10 years ago
Mountain-Nic wrote:

That picture says it all - look where the cycle lane is - immediately adjacent to the give way lines - bonkers!

It's not actually a cycle-lane. The pic shows it is only across the mouth of the junction. I believe this is a common highways engineer "trick" that is supposed to visually remind/warn drivers pulling out from that junction that they need to look out for bikes.

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