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Virtual cycling; a sport in its own right?

Met up with some friends for a cycle around the Mendips; one of our group mentioned he'd been round to some people whose entire 'cycling world' was based around virtual cycling (eg Zwift etc). I don't have space for a turbo or rollers so I've never fully investigated the world of virtual/on-line cycling. I enquired, "so cycling machines etc; Wattbike?"; his response, "no, bikes set up on rollers with screens etc". Me, "so they never go out cycling in decent weather; I can understand indoor stuff for the winter and wet days?". Him, "they used to do triathlons but now they just exclusively cycle on-line and never do any proper cycling". Weird, but maybe there's an angle to on-line cycling that the road just doesn't provide?....or maybe these people just don't 'get' what cycling is all about.

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