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Variable height

I like to know how much height I climbed on a ride, and Komoot gives me that number. However my buddy, riding alongside, gets a very different number, consistently several times greater, from Wahoo. Last time Komoot recorded about 1000 feet, Wahoo gave over 3,000 feet, so not just a minor difference.

I understand that, a bit like measuring the coastline, you could get almost any figure you want, depending on the granularity of the measurement. Accumulate every imperfection in the road surface, every jitter in the GPS altitude reading, and you could be doing an Everest on the flat.

So I got to wondering whether there is any merit at all in the recorded figure. How do the algorithms work out what is a "valid" altitude gain and what is just a bump in the road?

I don't suppose there is a consistent answer to that, so as an alternative question:

Do you get vastly different altitude gains recorded compared with your mates on the same ride?

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