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Tubolito tubes leaking air

Have you had problems with Tubolito tubes leaking air - and I don't mean slow leakage but from 90 psi down to 70 in just a few hours? My wife bought them - two brand new tubes, both installed as replacements for old and trusted butyl ones, certainly not damaged during installation (no levers whatsoever were used, I seated the tyre using hands only and the tubes were not pinched in any way), no punctures during the ride, but she finished the ride with unacceptably low pressure in both wheels. Re-inflated the tyres on both wheels and let them for a few hours - the same story. So both appear to be defective. The question is - is this a common occurrence? Do you have any experience with Tubolito, or perhaps with Schwalbe Aerothan, favourable or otherwise?

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