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Software for Turbo Trainer

I have just acquired the Elite Suito turbo trainer but have little idea about the various software options on offer. Of course I have heard of Zwift and the trainer comes with a free 30 day trial, plus a free 12 month trial of their own software, My E-Training.

I am not particularly bothered with the racing aspect but would instead like to be able to upload routes I create from Strava and ride them on the trainer. My E-Training allows me to do this but when I send the activity to Strava it shows as only an indoor activity with virtually no data. If I manually upload the file then it shows a bit more (power, heart rate and cadence) but the file contains no gps points and no elevation details - pretty useless for my stats!

So I guess the most important thing for me is to be able to ride routes (preferably with a video integration) and be able to then upload these to Strava with the GPS and elevation data.

Any tips on which offerings might suit my needs best?

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