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Pricing a bespoke bike for sale?

I'm considering selling my Bowman Layhams as a full bike. This was a self-build using a mixed group (mostly Tiagra/105). Finished to a high standard, even if I do say so myself, and fully serviced. Sitting on Vision 35 wheels with Veloflex Master 28s. Plenty of length left in the steerer for adjustment if needed. All in would cost around £2500 to build up new, including labour.

Frameset is three years old, it's not seen a huge amount of use because I changed jobs and then COVID hit. Mostly riding MTB now so it's sat in the shed doing nothing. Only cosmetic issue is some minor chain scuff to the chainstay.

Thoughts on pricing? I'm thinking £1500 on eBay based on what the Genesis Volare sells for.

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