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New Mavic Kysrium Elite UST vs. Used Ksyrium Exalith vs. New Fulcrum Racing 3 C17 Wheelsets

So I'm in the market for a new rim-brake wheelset. I have a very mid-range bike that came equipped with a pair of Team Vision 30's, the rear wheel makes a horrible gritty sound when rolling so I want to replace that while taking the opportunity to shed a bit of weight.

My budget is 500 € and under.

I had narrowed my choices down to either the Mavic Kysrium Elite UST wheelset or the Fulcrum Racing 3 C17's, and was leaning towards the Ksyrium's seeing as they were both pretty much considered equal but the Mavics edged it as they offered the option of tubeless should I want it at some point (not a deal breaker at all though).


A pair of pre-owned Ksyrium Exalith's have just been listed on a local classifieds site for 550 €, I could possibly negotiate 500 €.

Is this a no-brainer? Should I go for the Exalith's or should I be dubious of second-hand wheels? Anything in particular i should look out for when viewing?

Or perhaps there's a better choice out there entirely?

Thanks in advance.



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