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National Dash Cam Portal Figures

I posted the below on one of the NMOTD threads but think it probably needs a wider audience and not I don't think Road.CC covered it at the times of the initial press releases. 

This link is to an article about the amount of submissions (which are also by motor vehicles as well as cyclists). It is dated Jan2021 although I'm pretty sure most of the quotes are from a press release in October. At least this reporter followed up and it seems West Mercia followed up on 90% of cases but the line from the egress rep is troubling to me as only 52% of all cases had some followup. So maybe some FOI from / Cycling UK / whoever to find out submission vehicles, actions followed up on broken down by Police Force and then maybe requests for comment might be a good story.

Also, this is a Car websites take on the news. Not sure on thje discrepency of "52% of all submissions were actioned on" then being less then one in five not actioned on. However the comments show some of the worrying  conditions we know from Drivers. 

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