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Login failed. Have you forgotten your password?

Hello ... this is happening to multiple people.  after resetting password, the error repeats.  many are keen to setup account to join fantasy leauge; but may give up if problem persist.

any tips on how to overcome?  

Thanks in advance

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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tony kappler | 9 months ago

Can you describe the problem more acurately. Have you had a account in the past, forgotten the password, asked for a new one, and this doesn't work. Or is it a brand new account that doesn't work? (Note that there is a time delay for Dave to approve new accounts).

Sounds like a system problem and Iv'e given Dave (systems guru) a nudge about it.

Don't give up on; it is a great game.


TupperJen replied to tony kappler | 9 months ago

I'm getting this, a previous user (but couldn't remember passsword). 

Clicked reset password, got link to my email and I reset password.

It logs me in on the site, but when I go to fantasy cycling it needs to login again.  When I use the same password I just set (and logged into overall site with), it doesn't recognise it.

TupperJen replied to TupperJen | 9 months ago

I just fixed it!

I logged out on the main website, then logged in at the fantasy cycling competition and the new password worked.

Licky52 replied to tony kappler | 9 months ago

new approved account.  Can sign in on the main Roadcc Website but when I go to the fantasy cycling it says login failed and to go to the main website to reset my password.. ive been trying for days

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