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Limited mobility riders ... how do you carry your kit

TLDR: how do you carry your stick when on the spare bike?

I realise this is somewhat niche, but welcome responses from all.

I'm limited mobility... I can walk short distances, but require a stick to do so safely.

My normal commuter has a pannier rack, and the laptop / change of clothes go in a pannier.

I was strapping my wooden stick to the crossbar; this had the downside of becoming uncomfortable on the inside of my thigh due to the additional width.

I then got a two segment aluminium stick, and was collapsing it and strapping it to the top of the pannier rack, with the handle to the rear and sticking out less than 100mm from the end of the rack.

My commuter is currently out of action with an unknown knocking coming from the motor (Bosch ActiveLine Plus), and my other bike does not have a pannier rack. Other bike is brand new, less than 150 miles done.

I have an active travel commute:
AM: 3 miles to station, train ride then 8 miles station to office.
PM option 1: 40 miles office to home
PM option 2: 8 miles office to station, train then 8 miles station to home
PM option 3: 6 miles office to station, train then 3 miles station to home.

Option B: drive 3 miles to station, train, walk 1/4mile to the office and reverse in the afternoon.

I don't want to do Option B as I'm missing the riding - both physically and mentally.

I'm discounting PM option 1 as I don't fancy 40 miles with a laptop on my back ...

So, option 2 and 3 are viable ... and here's the question:

How would you carry your stick?

Would you strap the full length wooden one to the cross-bar and put up with the inconvenience and risk to the paint
Somehow strap the shortend aluminium one to the backpack in a vertical arrangement. (Don't think I'd get away with strapping it horizontally 🤣🤣)

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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andystow | 8 months ago
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A friend of mine is currently (temporarily) using a stick as he recovers from a bad foot fracture and surgery to repair it. He's back riding his bike again, and he had a stick attached to the side of the fork, and the front of the handlebar, via a couple of Voile or similar straps.

Hirsute replied to andystow | 8 months ago

Just had a look trialling with a leki pole and that looks a good shout.

Although I can go one better. Simply strap the pole on so it sticks out 1.5m sideways so drivers give you space !

andystow replied to Hirsute | 8 months ago
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Hirsute wrote:

Just had a look trialling with a leki pole and that looks a good shout. Although I can go one better. Simply strap the pole on so it sticks out 1.5m sideways so drivers give you space !

The majority of his cycling is done on this path, so perhaps that wouldn't be such a good idea.

HoldingOn | 8 months ago
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A lot of backpacks I've own come with a little velcro loop on the outside for carrying a walking stick, but I believe that is when hiking, so I would be wary of it hitting the back wheel when cycling! The collapsible one might be okay.

Could you use velcro straps to attached the collapsible stick to the handlebars?

Maybe even strap to the diagonal bar, rather than the cross bar - it would be further away from your thighs (sorry - I don't know the technical term for the diagonal bar!)

Hirsute replied to HoldingOn | 8 months ago

Danger of hitting wheels or ground.

Edit: although that's an interesting point about poles and rucsacs.

When I injured my knee, I used a trekking pole that collapsed down its 3 parts in 1 short one.
The leki one is 670mm and easily fits my small daysac and trivial for my larger one.
Would that be better for you oldfatgit ?

Oldfatgit replied to Hirsute | 8 months ago
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My camera bag has a little fold out pouch for the tripod legs ...
Might find somewhere to put my camera gear and use that ...

Great lateral thinking, cheers Hirsute

Hirsute | 8 months ago
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Something like

But you will have to dig a bit more for carbon compatible.

I used to take a croquet mallet around the country and had the same issues so would go for something as linked.

Tom_77 | 8 months ago
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Can you fit a pannier rack to the other bike?

If it doesn't have eyelets then an Ortlieb Quick Rack or similar is a good solution.

Oldfatgit replied to Tom_77 | 8 months ago

I'm looking to avoid buying another rack but I'll certainly think about this one if it becomes unavoidable

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