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Holiday Cottage Booze and rating stuff on Airbnb

Photo to follow - if the host has left these sprits out, is it ok to have a light pull on them? I opened the whisky and my wife was insisting he'll know I drank some and wanted to buy a whole new bottle.

The place was very nice, but fundamentally wasn't a house as referred to in the description  - it's a duplex flat really and at over £100 per night for self-catering at this time of year, I'm not too impressed.

My wife is a bit smile and wave, leave a nice review, move on, although she agrees we should refer to it as "the flat" in our review.

One place I used to stay at for work the guy got quite upset about my 4* reviews - I think 4/5* represents a decent effort - 5/5* should be reserved for where something has blown your socks off. 


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