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Have drivers got more aggressive since the Highway Code changes?

I was at the football in south London with a friend on Saturday, both of us cycle as our everyday way of getting around, and out of the blue he asked me, "Have you noticed drivers getting way more aggressive in the past few weeks?"

I said, "Could be, what with the Highway Code changes and all the misreporting around them in the press," and he looked at me blankly.

"What Highway Code changes?" he said.

So after castigating him for not reading, I explained them to him and also some of the inaccurate and divisive coverage we've seen in the mainstream media, and he said,  "Yup, that would do it."

That got me thinking - more than four weeks on from the changes, what is other people's experience? Have you noticed drivers following the revised rules, ignoring them, or becoming more aggressive? Let us know ...

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