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Exercise off the bike

I'm mid-50s and have cycled for as long as I can remember; however recently I've been aware that it's my only form of exercise which could be a bad thing.  There's no shortage of articles that bang on about maintaining strength and flexibility as you get older (ie you'll be sorry if you don't!).  If we weren't in a pandemic then there would have been some dinghy racing and perhaps an odd windurf session over the summer.  I'm pretty active at home; garden, DIY etc.  I did do a weekly circuit training session a few years ago but stopped as I was getting plenty of aerobic exercise from commuting by bike and it often tweaked my back (in hindsight that felt like a bad decision as it did provide some strength training).  Age put paid to sport like rugby and the days of just being able to do a half marathon without any training are long gone.  I did swim competitively years ago but it's a real hassle to get to a decent pool, often annoyingly busy and a bit of a non-starter with CV19 at the moment.  Pre lockdown I did do a weekly yoga class at work but I'm the worlds worst gym person and often start clock-watching half way through; weights etc and I'm bored after 20min.  Noting that post working from home cycles are going to be harder in the winter, I went for a 5km jog (+ some stops for exercises in the park) but it just reminded me how much I hated running and I felt bloody sore the next day.  I don't have space for a home gym but was vaguely looking at some home weights (that could be easily put away after use); even considered a personal trainer as dropping some cash would force me to concentrate for an hour.  If I could muster even half as much enthusiasm for some complementary training as I do for a bike ride, then it would be a major step.  Shorter sessions?  On-line stuff?  Anyway it's not raining; get the bike out!

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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