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Deliberate Obstruction by Halfords!

Why do these companies alienate customers by deliberately obstructing complaints? On the Halfords Intercity Folder topic you can see that I was very complimentary about the bike. However, there is a fault on the rear tyre of a bike I collected only 5 days ago (photo to follow)- the sidewall had detached from the wire bead. I assume this would be a simple problem to solve as I have the photos. I then discovered that Halfords doesn't publish an email address for Customer Services- they require you to use 'Live Chat' in which you contact people who don't know anything about cycling and are probably in another country. The simple question I asked was 'Please give me the email address of Customer Services'. 10 minutes followed with no reply, followed by this, from 'Mehnaz':

As we do not have any updated email id right now so what best I can do for you, I will marked an email on your register email address and you can revert back on that email and I will forward it to the team.

You will all appreciate that this is a brush-off designed to achieve nothing. Halfords Customer Services Live Chat is unable to provide an email address for Halfords Customer Services, but Mehnaz is apparently able to forward an email to them from me- except I have no address to send that email to!

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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