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Car Parks branded “ugly” by Council leader

“At the moment they are just huge expanses of Tarmac that don’t do anything other than provide space for parking,” council leader Ben Fitter-Harding said. 

Cllr Fitter-Harding says there “will always be car parks” in the city, but he hopes to develop the sites to become "thriving hubs for sustainability for future generations”.“Planting could also be used to soften and partly screen car parks."

well, you heard it here first, car parks are not very nice to look at, who knew?

However if you screen them, you're more likely to get more nefarious activity in them after dark.


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brooksby | 2 years ago

There are a few similar sites that discuss car parking and car parks in various European cities. Short answer is that waaay too much land is given over to it...

chrisonabike | 2 years ago

True - and most people don't appreciate just how much space is given over to motor infra.  Why would they?  It's just "the environment" that you don't notice.  Plus you can't do anything about it.  And why would you want to either - how could you get around otherwise?

Examples: Notjustbikes video (why this is also a way to lose money)football pitch junctions article.

Sounds like the start of a new "most beautiful car-centric infrastructure" thread though.  I vote for the traffic light tree.

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