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Buying from England in Europe after Brexit

Over the years I have bought a load of stuff, bikes, frames, finishing kit, consumables from Planet X and was always very satisfied. Since Brexit, nothing due to horror stories: tariffs, duties, p&p,vat duplicity etc. Anyone got any idea of the present reality? Thanks.

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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Jimmy Ray Will | 1 year ago
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It's better than it was at the start of last year, but still less than ideal.

As already indicated, for bigger companies with European distribution centres, its business as usual. 

For smaller UK companies that do not have European distribution centres, its a little less clear cut. 

Unless an organisation is set up for VAT in all countries it ships to, chances are you'll be buying you products at net pricing. This means your order is likely to be picked up for due VAT on import. 

Alongside that, there will potentially be an admin charge to add on. This seems to have progressed since the wild west days of last year, and this cost is fixed rather than a percentage. I can't remember what the amounts are, but is based on a order value threshold.

In short, its still a pain in the arse, but if you allow for VAT and between €6-€40 handling fee, you won't be horribly surprised. 

As for delivery times, these are good, unless your package is selected for random, full customs inspection, in which case it can take up to four weeks... 

Yeah, Brexit. 

KDee | 1 year ago

Hi Geoff. I'm British, but living in the Netherlands for a good few years. I occasionally order stuff from the UK and have had zero problems so far. Can't remember everything I ordered, apart from a pair of wheels. I think so far I've only used Chain Reaction / Wiggle, and Merlin. In expat forums here, there are regular tales of very delayed deliveries, accompanied with some hefty duty charges. I can only recommend using a well organised retailer that has a website clearly showing the cost in Euros, including delivery charges, tax, etc. to your country of residence.

Geoff Ingram replied to KDee | 1 year ago
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Thanks. I have never had problems with wiggle, as it's big enough to have a base in europe which greatly simplifies things. I was wondering about PX since it doesn't, and have also seen the forums' cautionary tales.

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