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Bike Size - Confused!

Hi All,
I'm newbie to this form and getting back to cycling after 20yrs to get fitter. Once situation gets better and offices open, I would like to bike once a week to work - 25miles altogether.

I am almost convinced that I would go for Boardman URB 8.9. However, I am confused as the frame size suitability given on website contradicts to advice I got from Halfords sales person.

I'm 167cms/5'6" - with inside leg of 75cms/30".

Boardman site says:
Small for height range 170 - 179 cm and inseam between 74 - 82 cm
Medium for height range 177 - 183 cm and inseam between 78 - 85 cm

Should I go with site and take 'Small' or go with 'Halfords' advice and take Medium.

I tried 2 Halford stores, none have Medium and Small in store to try on.

Can you please give your expert advice?

S Dadi.

P.S: URB have flat handle bar.


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