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*Beware* Facebook Marketplace Groupset Scam

Would like to make people aware of a scam that seems to be doing the rounds on Facebook Marketplace.

About a week ago I fell foul of said scam. Like an absolute d***head I payed via PayPal using friends and family. And before any clever and helpful trolls call me an idiot…..I ALREADY KNOW!!!!

Anyway, the parts in question were Dura Ace Di2 and the scammer went by the name of ‘Gary Thwaite’ it later transpired that Gary was a decent guy and his identity had been stolen (I actually tracked him down and chatted on the phone) he said other people had contacted him about similar. I believe that this is linked to other fake accounts with names such as Jerry Howard and Jack Byrne.

How did I stupidly get sucked in you ask? Well the scammer originally was saying that I could collect. It was only when I looked at travel distance I suggested postage. We agreed a price and he suggested I pay with PayPal friends and family to save on fees (I know, I know!) I said I wasn’t comfortable, he then sent me his address and his business card which checked out. This coupled with the fact that he’d previously ok’d a physical pick up…..led me to take a calculated risk with the payment. Fail. Excuses ensued until the messages were dropped completely.

Needless to say, no chance of refund. Bank won’t touch it because it’s a direct debit to PayPal. PayPal are giving it the ‘no buyer protection’ thing that they always do. I’ve actually lodged a complaint with them which will probably fall on deaf ears, but I do think there’s some questions to answer. Namely, why aren’t PayPal doing more to combat fraud. By creating this loophole they are actually supporting this crime. You can obviously say ‘well they are supporting the battle against fraud with buyer protection, it’s up to you to use it’ but people do get duped and if they could chargeback genuine fraud/scam payments it would leave the scammers in a tougher position.

I digress. Should anyone have any info then please message me. Any similar experiences please post up. Most of all, please be vigilant.

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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