A little help required from any Edge 810 owners would be much appreciated.

My edge 810 is a little temperamental to say the least, having used it mainly to follow courses I have noticed the following:

- Even on open roads it sometimes thinks its quite a way from the road so comes up 'off course'. I have the map upgrade card if this makes any difference.

- About half the time it tries to route the wrong way round roundabouts, and when you go the right way it again comes up 'off course'.

- If it comes up 'off course' and you continue to ride for too long it sometimes switches itself off and stops recording.

- On two occasions it has frozen, and I had to switch it off and switch on again, it continues to show the course but wont give directions.

- It seems to take an age to re-route when neccesary, sometimes up to about 5 minutes when its impossible to follow the course (it tried to take me yesterday through a private gated estate).

- It doesnt always provide directions at points where you would expect it to.

I know its only as good as the GPS signal but is this normal or is it me expecting too much from it?...

Or am I just using it wrong?.


Claypole [10 posts] 5 years ago

There's a number of threads about these issues and more on the Garmin forums: https://forums.garmin.com/forumdisplay.php?362-Edge-810

No, you're not using it wrong, the 810 is a potentially great bit of kit, but it is buggy and the fixes aren't quick in arriving from Garmin. You may be able to glean some info here though.

andycoventry [110 posts] 5 years ago

Thank you thats very helpful

Just had a flick through and it seems there are problems I am yet to experience. On the plus side at least its not just me.

Not really great from Garmin for their 'premium' product, lets hope they release updates soon enough.

Claypole [10 posts] 5 years ago

There's a comprehensive "Master bug list" being built up as well - worth a read for 810 owners and potential owners: https://forums.garmin.com/showthread.php?41630-Edge-810-Master-Bug-List-(Post-f-w-v2-6)

It's far too long really.

Marauder [275 posts] 5 years ago

Having had issues with my Edge 200 recently Garmin recommended I make sure my software was up to date.
I installed the web updater (I think)

Having said that it sounds like the 810 may be rather buggy so not sure if that will make a difference.