I got a 1982 Colnago Super (Sarroni). I am planning to give it a modern setup.

The rim of the wheelset I will use has the following characteristic

Rim Angled (Height 24.0- Widht 25.82mm Al Brake Track) 700c

Am i going to have any issues using them in the bike, since for instance a Zonda wheelset has 20mm width.

Can the brakes of Campy Veloce work with them or is it going to be tight for the levers ?

I paste the following from the builder's site

Bikes with Potential Fit Issues

There are two categories below. The first category are bikes that will have a tight fit and the second category are bikes that our wheels will simply not fit on. Any bike marked "tight fit" "may" experience occasional light rubbing when used by strong sprinters or heavier riders. No wheel or frame damage should occur.

Tight Fit

- Argon 18 e-114
- Blue Triad SL (21mm or 22mm rear tire required)
- Cervelo P4 (very tight)
- Early Model Cervelo Soloist
- Giant Trinity Alliance
- Scott Plasma 2
- Scott Plasma 3

Won't Fit

- Ridley Noah (Front wheel will not fit. Rear wheel very tight)
- Ridley Dean (Ridley informed us that our wheels will more than likely not fit.)

thank u


TheHatter [770 posts] 5 years ago

I'd expect you're clearances to be much bigger than modern frames so any wheelset will be fine presuming your rear spacing is 130mm (and even if it aint you can spring steel or cold set it - sheldon brown has great articles on this)