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Canyon CF Paint Finish

A friend has just purchased a new Canyon 7.0 CF bike directly from Canyon. He received it at the weekend and was assembling it ready for the maiden voyage when he started to notice a few paint defects.

A number of the defect appear to be thin paint and you can see the Carbon fibre weave, but the defect on the down tube are extremely prominent and look to be abrasions or actual defects.

He has contacted Canyon and they have said:

" Extraordinary surface design on black carbon frames

Canyon uses an innovative manufacturing method and coating process which guarantees a direct view of the carbon fibres on every bicycle frame. This is how we make the carbon fibre lay-up visible and every chassis therefore gets its own unique finish. Depending on the angle of the light shining on the frame, the appearance of this finish can change. This does not represent a flaw in the frame or its outer coating"

The above does explain the visible weave near the BB but in my opinion doesn't even come close to the marks on the down tube.

Are there any Canyon owners out there who have experienced similar?
I noticed recently reviewed a CF Canyon. Did that bike have similar marks.
What are peoples general opinions? I know if it was me I wouldn't be satisfied with Canyon fobbing me off, the paint marks are so prominent that they actually looks like a second. If I had spent that much money on the bike I would want it perfect!!

Hopefully the pictures have attached correctly.

Thanks in advance for any comments.

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